About us

We’re a local family with both Cathy and I growing up in what was Huntingdonshire but now part of Camridgeshire. We now live in Buckden, which has everything we need and great links to main roads and train services.

What we like….

We met through youth band and orchestra music ensembles in Huntingdon and although I don’t play anymore Cathy isstill very active with Huntingdonshire Concert Band but have a look at our Music page for more details.

As a family we like to travel, nothing too adventurous but love the experience of going somewhere together. There’s a few itmes on the Family Holidays page that will show our favourite holidays.

Although I am a self-employed IT Consultant I don’t intend to use this to promote McClintock SRM Ltd but if you’re looking for an IT Supplier Relationship Management Consultant please get in touch via my LinkedIn profile