David McClintock

Email: david@mcclintock.co.uk

Born on 30th August in El Adem, Libya. Yes, I know it’s unusual but my Dad was an Irishman (Northern) serving in the RAF. Imagine the problems I had joining the Army and getting Security Clearance over the years.

For work I am a freelance IT Consultant, specialising in Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), also known as Vendor Management, Supplier Governance….etc. I used to have a technical background but these days I consider myself to have good all round technical knowledge, enough to know when Suppliers are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing!

For fun, well a bit lost at the moment: I gave up making music (French Horn, Tenor Horn & Conducting) last year after losing my “mojo” and love for it all. After 40+ years of playing and 16 years as Musical Director I needed a break and look for something else. I enjoy my fitness but am having a lazy spell and need to get back into weight training, cardio and a bit of HIIT. Unfortunately I love my food and have let my appetite take over again and must get back to good habits.

I recently got into cheese making thanks to Wildes Cheese The Urban Cheese Maker. I haven’t made any recently as it feels wrong to bulk buy the milk in these times of restraint.