Musical Instrument Servicing and Repairs

Alexander 107

Brass Instruments

For the most part a service is advised for all brass instruments, whatever level you play at or the quality of the instrument. Many people would assume not much needs to be done to a brass instrument but apart from maintaining to help stop slides and valves sticking, it’s so important that you clean inside and out for hygiene reasons and for the performance of the instrument!

A basic service involves the instrument being stripped, washed and brushed out, polish the body, lap valves (or rotors) where needed, replace springs and water key corks where needed, remove any accessible dents, stuck slides/valves and mouthpieces. Reassemble whilst oiling valves and greasing slides.

A Sample of Brass servicing includes the following procedures:

  • Complete disassembly & wash throughout.
  • Ultra Sonic cleaning is available for smalltruments or valves & slides of larger instruments
  • Replacing all corks, felts and realignment of valves or rotors
  • Polish inner tuning slides to allow a smooth action.
  • Dent removal: any minor and accessible dents are routinely removed during a service or overhaul but dent removal is also offered as a stand a lone service or can be bolted on to other jobs.  Please call to discuss your requirements and for an accurate quote
  • Repair of any dry solder joints
  • Straightening of any twisted stays or valve slides
  • Instrument tested by an experienced player

A Guide To Pricing

InstrumentService starting from £
Flugel Horn55
Trombone Bb/F75
Single French Horn75
French Horn double90
Tenor Horn/Baritone75
Euphonium 4v Comp75
Tuba EEb/BBb75
(2020/21 prices)